Saturday, November 04, 2006

When Banana grows up

My daughter informed me and WT this morning that when she grows up, she will:

1. Be an artist
2. Live in the city
3. Drive a purple Ford Explorer
4. Have four cats and
5. Have two dogs named Hairball and Russia.

What more could a mother ask for?

I will be traveling to downtown Philadelphia today to give WT the opportunity to play his guitar whilst the amp is turned up to 11. I'll be meeting my dad at the Reading Terminal Market (if you have not had the opportunity to go there, you need to make the time to do so; it rocks). I warned him that we may have to visit some yarn stores, and he is okay with that.

I began a feather-and-fan scarf last night, and it looks good. Pictures are coming soon, I promise.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Saturday!


At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rock on, banana! dream big; aim for the stars!

so where did you go and what did you buy?

and are you knitting the f-n-f scarf?

anne marie


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