Friday, September 29, 2006

Ten Knitterly and Crochet-erly Things

Okay, so maybe crochet-erly isn't a word, but I need to include crochet in here. This is a meme (can someone tell me the actual definition of the word 'meme'?) that I saw at XRK, and so of course I had to particpate. So here goes:

1. I first learned to knit back in college. My friend Anne taught me to cast on and knit. That's it. I didn't stick with it for very long at that point, because I made so many mistakes that I couldn't correct, and my stitches were so tight that they actually squeaked when they went from the left needle to the right needle.
2. I learned to crochet from my Aunt Donna about 3 years ago. She also taught me to bind off my knitting, which was quite nice. My Aunt Donna is left-handed, and I am right-handed, so I don't wrap the yarn around my finger to keep tension on it. I pick it up and put it were I want it for each stitch.
3. My first crocheted FO was a white Red Heart single-crochet scarf that I made in one weekend.
4. My first knitted project was a bag based on a pattern in the first Stitch n Bitch book. See previous post. It is atrocious.
5. I have crocheted a sweater, but I have yet to knit one. But I'm working on it.
6. My next-door-neighbor, Anne Marie, taught me to purl.
7. I can knit continental but I can't purl continental. My stitches are really tight when I knit continental, so I generally don't do it.
8. I have crocheted approximately 5 baby blankets and 2 full-size afghans.
9. I love Montco Sit n Knit! I have made some really good friends there, and look forward to each and every meeting.
10. I will knit and crochet for the rest of my life.

I have just completed two pot holders (crocheted mitered squares), am almost finished a warshrag (knitted basket weave with crochet border), and have just begun a dish towel with garter stitch borders, stockinette middle. The Matador waits patiently on the end table next to the phone, waiting to be picked up and worked once again. There is a good chance I'll have a bunch of time to work on it next week, because the high school where I work may be striking next week. Woo-hoo!


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Liz K. said...

I love Montco Sit and Knit too! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful knitting compatriots.

At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(from an idea by grumperina; apologies to all y’all who know my tale of woe already)

1. I was taught how to knit when I was 13 by my maternal grandmother; I gave it up cause it wasn’t cool back in the day.

2. years passed without picking up needles again, until I turned 27. I still have the first garment I made: a red heart super saver shrug in a double moss stitch pattern in a very ugly shade of blue.

3. years passed without picking up needles again, until I turned 46. my life was going down the tubes. my psychologist brought out the long-dormant talent. fun fur (ugh!) made its debut; I got hooked (needled?). I now have an addiction for which there is no cure (short of cutting off my hands).

4. In 2004 I decided to become a certified knitting teacher via the CYCA (craft yarn council of america). I received my certificate in december of that year ($60 and 11 months of homework swatches, 2 oral exams, and an original design knitted and submitted for critique). I enjoy teaching others how to create art from two sticks and some string (but NO fun fur!).

5. I throw; I have no desire to learn how to knit continental.

6. I have no desire to learn how to knit socks. most of the things I knit are gifts for others/charity projects. I DO like designing my own artworks.

7. I am a published author: Annie Modesitt’s book “Cheaper Than Therapy” contains a poem I wrote.

8. I have no desire to use the intarsia/fair isle techniques in my designs. I want to learn how to incorporate mosaic knitting, illusion (or shadow) knitting, mitered squares (thanks, aileen!), and modular knitting into my sweaters.

9. I founded the montco sit-n-knit group in 2003 cause there were no local groups near me back then (if it’s going to be, it’s up to me). I am VERY fortunate to lead a group of 27 diverse, spirited, like-minded artists down the yarn road (thanks for the props!).

10. when I shop for yarn, it’s with a specific project in mind (I don’t have room for a stash). each project has its own bag that calls out to me like a siren each time I enter “my sacred art room”. I have 15 bags tempting/taunting me right now...

anne marie

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Ann said...

You have a great knitting group -- I hope that I can join you sometime when I visit Liz!

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Aileen said...

sally, I will be right there with you when I start knitting my first sweater, too!


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