Saturday, September 23, 2006

FO and WIP

Yay, finally, a picture of a finished object! This would be a lovely crocheted baby blanket and matching hat for my friend Leah's baby, who should be arriving any day now. I hope he likes it. The yarn is soft cheapo mill-end acrylic, but who says cheap can't be pretty and comfy? Besides, it'll need to get washed a lot. So there.

And here is the Matador bolero, being knit in Moda Dea Metro, which is nice and soft. This is my first project on circular needles, and also is my first project which includes yarn overs and sssk for the raglan sleeves. I'm scared! But I will muddle through. I only started last night, so I am quite pleased with my progress thus far.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by.


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


the bolero looks good against the hardwood floor (shows off the yarn colors nicely).

anne marie

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Liz K. said...

You knit fast for a beginner, Sally. I can't wait to see it live.


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