Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quiz: Is It Time To Clean Your Kitchen?

I'm here to help! When life gets in the way, sometimes it's difficult to know if your kitchen needs a good once-over. Below are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help you determine if it's time to Clean Your Kitchen!

  1. Does walking across the kitchen floor in bare feet feel like walking across an Atlantic City beach after Labor Day Weekend?
  2. Do people in white lab coats appear at your door and say, "We're here to collect the penicillin cultures"?
  3. Does your babysitter say, "Hope you don't mind, but I ate some of that shrimp stir-fry in the fridge", and you say to yourself, "Shrimp stir-fry?"
  4. Do you have difficulty determining the color of your countertops?
  5. Do you have difficulty determining if you have countertops?
  6. When you see something skitter across the floor, do you say to yourself, "Was that a mouse or a cat-fur tumbleweed?"
  7. Does your cat finish licking his ass, only to look up at you as if to say, "Dude, that shit is nasty", meaning the kitchen?
  8. Is your stainless steel sink stained?
  9. Have you ever said to yourself, "Bah, the heat from the broiler will kill the germs?"
  10. Do you have meat in the freezer that is older than any of your children?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, it may be time to clean your kitchen. Don't be afraid to consult a professional, like a parent or an OCD friend.

Next week: Is It Time To Clean Your Bathroom?

PS - No, of course none of these questions arose from personal experience! Jeez, what kind of housekeeper do you think I am?


Thursday, September 27, 2007


All sorts of knitting/crocheting related things are happening. First, I just learned that my cousin's wifey-poo is having her second baby in March. Woo hoo! I made a blankie for their son Cole, but I want to make a whole layette for the next one. I'm thinking a Tiramisu blanket, Saartje's Baby Bootees, a bonnet from LMKG...

The newly formatted Crochet Me is up and running, and it's pretty darn cool. It's kind of like Ravelry now, where there is a community, and each member has their own home page and stuff. I like it! A lot of good designers are already on there - Kim Werker, Amy O'Neill Houck, Natalie Zee Drieu (sp?), and many more.

Elizabeth from Gee You Knit and a bunch of other people are trying to get a Philadelphia Ravelry meet-up going. We've been discussing it a lot on one of our forums, and it looks like it may happen in either Manayunk or Roxborough, which I think is an excellent meeting place for both city dwellers and suburbanites. I'll keep you posted, I'm sure it won't be limited to just Ravelrers!

The ubersecret Xmas present is progressing, but I probably won't give to the person for whom it was originally intended (my dad), because although I like it, it won't match his living room. So I'll just make another one. :o)

What else? I taught a friend of mine (Gloria) to knit, and taught another dear friend (Erin) to crochet. Yay! Spreading the word of the craft(s). (Again with the parentheses! [I think I need a parenthetical intervention.])

See ya later, alligators!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You gotta hear this.

This is a song done by Eddie Vedder for a new movie coming out called "Into the Wild", based on a book by Jon Krakauer. This song is absolutely amazing. I could listen to it all dang day.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I never said anything about a pattern diet...

So you guys all know that I am on a yarn diet - no yarn purchases until at least January 8th! And I've been good. I've resisted the temptation. I'm proud of myself in this department. But dammit, there are so many cute patterns out there! I want to make them all. Never mind that I have startitis (2 projects on the needles/hooks, 4 hibernating). I had to get some of them. Le sigh.

So here's what I got:
Aren't they cute? I probably have enough yarn in my stash right now to start making them. But first things first - gotta finish the Green Gable, and the Rusted Root, and the Calorimetry, and the Christmas Present #1, and the legwarmers, and the Lace Ribbed Bolero, and the...

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Just ordered a beta-design t-shirt from Ravelry. Will the madness never end?

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Oh. My. Lord. Knitty.

Hola. Have you guys seen the Fall Knitty? Holy mother of God. It is fabulous! I want to make everything! The sweaters are to die for. And there's toys to make! Squee! And it's free! I queued up about half of the current projects to my Ravelry queue (damnit Anne Marie, get on the list, woman! You'll love it).

Now I need to go make a Calorimetry, also from Knitty, for Liz's Single Skein September project. I was inspired by hers. Then I need to bust out a couple of Bainbridge Scarves by Minty Fresh. Oh yeah.

I'm feeling inspired. Don't anyone stop me! :o)

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lots o' goodies!

Hey happy people! Long time no... blog. Or something. Anyhoo, here's part of what I've been up to, because I know you've been dying to know.

Here's a sensationally fantabulous crocheted afghan square. The pattern is, yet again, based on one of the squares in Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks. Since I can't be bothered with silly details like gauge, this pattern worked really well for me - I crocheted until one edge (or leg, since we are looking at a right triangle here [don't make me break out the Pythagorean Theorem. I'll do it. Go ahead. Dare me.]) was 10" long, then I made it smaller. Jesus, am I clever or what?

Here is the beginning of a super-archi-uber secret Christmas project. I bet that not one single person can guess what this is. Ha! You have to wait until December 26th to find out. I won't torture you all with any more tempting pictures.
I participated in the Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap, and my pal was Aline from jolly France! She sent me some awesome goodies, and now I miss France and want to go back right now. Above, we have some lovely toiletries that smell heavenly: blackberry bath gel and lotion, and a purifying lemon mask. Yum!

Here are some delectable edibles: confiture de lait (which translates to milk jelly; trust me, it tastes better than it sounds), strawberry jam, and almond nougat. YUM.

And last, but most certainly not least, we have the yarn, which she ordered specially from La Droguerie (I know I spelled that incorrectly). On the left, you've got the teal bamboo. I'm loving it. In the middle, we have the brick colored linen. Oh my. And finally, I present to you the beige cotton, which is squishy and soft. Thank you Aline! Je te remercie mille fois!!

And naturally, the Eiffel Tower keychain goes with me everywhere these days. ;o)

My baby started kindergarten this week. WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Doesn't she look cute in her uniform though? The week went fairly well, with only the lunch bag disappearing forever. Oh well. She is learning about endangered species this year, and her teacher friggin' ROCKS. Maybe I shouldn't say friggin'. It is a Catholic school. I'm always afraid I'm going to get struck by lightning when I go to pick her up. Maybe God is giving me a break because I'm educating my progeny in the Catholic tradition. Although she does refer to Jesus as Cheezin, so I'm not sure how well the education is going so far. Hm.

Oh my God (maybe I shouldn't say that), how cute are these two? I'm a lucky woman.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mind boggling

This is absolutely remarkable.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bridget wearing her new duds

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Finishing and beginning

I've found that the best thing about Ravelry is that every time I log in, there are my WIPs. Staring me in the face. I can't ignore them. I can't stuff them in a bag or bin. I can't pretend they don't exist. They taunt me from my project page, saying, "Salleeeeeee, I'm over heeeeerrrrre." But this is a good thing, because what's the point of knitting and crocheting if you never actually produce anything?

Here is the finished outfit for Bridget, my father's Blythe doll. I used Dalegarn Stork in a pale green. The tank and skirt took one afternoon to knit, and the hat took another afternoon. It then took me about 6 weeks to seam it, because I am a lazy butt. But I finally finished it, and I think it looks pretty cute. I hope my dad likes it. I knit it on size 1 straights, and the flower was attached with Elmer's Glue, because I'm fancy like that.

Here's a project I started either late last year or early this year. It was languishing in the corner, sad and forgotten. It took me one and a half evenings to finish it, and now I have another useful bag to carry crap around in. This is the third bag of this kind that I have made. The pattern is free off the Lily website, and it's a pretty sturdy project. Unlike the knit version, it is not quite as stretchy, but still quite utilitarian.

My knitting group is working on a Project Linus blanket. We are all doing two to four 10" squares. Here are the first two that I made. I really like the first one a lot. It is based on the Queen Anne's Lace pattern from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks. It is not exactly that block because for some reason I have a really hard time following written crochet patterns; I much prefer a chart when crocheting. Oh well. I like it anyhow.

I like this one too, but the final beige edge is too ripply. I may rip that out and redo it with fewer stitches, I think it will lay flatter and look nicer. Otherwise, I'm quite happy with this one as well.

I am still plugging away on the Ribbed Lace Bolero. I don't know why I'm having hard time with it. I ripped it completely after screwing up the lace portion, and now that this is my second time around, I think I am just bored with it. Maybe I'll just put it aside for a while. It's really frustrating me, because I have yet to knit anything that I'm really proud of and happy with. This is a simple pattern, and I understand what I need to do, and I am still screwing it up. Patience, Sal. Patience. (deep cleansing breath)

I have two small knitting projects that have been hibernating for some time, and I think I may finish them before I start anything else. It's the Puzzle Scarf and the legwarmers. They are easy and I know I could do them, so I'm hoping to finish them in the next two weeks or so, and then get started on Xmas presents. Woo hoo!


Banana turns five tomorrow. Five years old. I was still in my twenties when I had her. I had more hair. She had less. But she was just as cute. I remember sitting in my hospital bed, holding her tiny little squiggly body, contemplating her pink little gums as she cried. Kissing her little forehead. She cried when she came out, but then she stopped when they put her on my chest, and she opened her eyes and blinked in the bright lights, and I said, "It's me. It's Mom." And she looked and blinked and was quiet. She had the cutest little button nose, and big rosy cheeks, and little pointy ears, like an elf. We still haven't figured out where those ears came from. She had dimples where her knuckles were, and little rubberband wrists. She had baby head smell. And now she's going to kindergarten. She scrubs her toenails and fingernails with the nail brush, and she can brush her hair all by herself. She draws pictures every single day, and they usually have kittens and ballerinas and princesses in them. She starts ballet class next week, in fact. She loves pink and purple and she has such a distinct personality, already, at such a tender age. Her favorite show is America's Funniest Home Videos. She likes to watch Cops with her dad on Saturday nights. She has a pretty good sense of humor. She always liked to make people laugh, ever since she was a baby. She would play nursing games with me - she'd get a mouth full of milk, then smile at me, and all of the milk would dribble out of her mouth and all over my shirt. Or she would look at me and pretend to nurse (pretend at two months old!) and look at me to see if I was paying attention. And boy, does she like attention. She loves to perform. She likes to sing and dance and say her alphabet backwards and count to 20 in Spanish.

She's a piece of work. And I love her.

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