Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fiber content - no; funny story - yes

Yo peeps, it's been a while. I've finished many projects and will post and talk about them soon, complete with pictures. But it's been pretty crazy around here, so I'm just going to slip in this funny story, which I think most of you will appreciate.

Hubby WT has a good friend we'll call GuitarMan, GM for short. GM has 4 kids - 3 daughters and a son. The oldest daughter recently had a momentous birthday, the one where she became old enough to drive.

Right before her birthday, Miss Thing marches up to her father and announces,"Dad, you know my birthday is coming and I'm getting a license. I expect to see something in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 (yes, 200) mph in 5 seconds, and it better have a big red bow on it."

GM, being the excellent, kind, giving father that he is, agreed. So on her birthday, Miss Thing wakes up, goes outside, and sees in the driveway a .....

bathroom scale with a big red bow on it.

GM says,"If you and your mother stand on it at the same time, it will go up to 200 really quickly."

And then he walked back into the house.

Parents, it's important to pay attention to the trials and tribulations that parents before us have had to endure. We can learn so much for them. I am becoming better prepared for Banana's teenage years each and every day.

Thanks for stopping by. Fiber content soon!


At 8:49 AM, Anonymous anne marie said...

and they all lived happily everafter.


I just LOVE a story with a happy ending!

(hee hee hee)


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