Friday, February 08, 2008

One more time

Maybe it'll just be one more time this year. But yes, I'm starting another yarn diet. I went to Crafty Me in Conshohocken today to buy sock yarn and dpns, and perhaps some other pretty yarn, but now I'm done. Last time I went for about 4.5 months without purchasing yarn. This time? I'm going all the way to New Year's Eve baby. That's right. More than 10 months without a yarn purchase. Think I can do it? I think I can. Help me out peeps. This is the Year of Stash for Me. By the time I will allow myself to buy yarn again, Banana will be in first grade, I'll have a new job, and God knows what else will be different. Oh wait, I know - I'll have more money. Because I won't be spending it on yarn.

Woo hoo, wish me luck, here I go!



At 7:01 PM, Anonymous anne marie said...

go sally go! y'all CAN do it!

it's easy once you know how...


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