Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm a blogging fool!

Woo hoo! I've been busy. Let's start with the yarn room (WT would call it the music room - I supposed it depends on your point of view). I was getting pretty sick of the way it's been looking recently, so I organized it.



Much better, isn't it? I actually have a much better handle on what's in my stash. Even when this was organized before, it was pouring out of the bins and on the floor and all. Now it is neatly confined. I filled two and a half kitchen trash bags with yarn I don't want - it will be donated locally to a women's shelter. I also got together 2 smaller bags full of yarn to be swapped at my knitting group's third birthday party. Yay!

And look! I finished something too! This here is your basic garter stitch scarf. I had two skeins of The Fibre Company's Savannah DK in lime and rose, so I knitted until it was all used up. I changed colors every two rows. I'm happy with it. It lays flat, and it's comfy and warm and pretty. Sometimes simple is the way to go.

I think I like the 'wrong' side better than the 'right' side. The yarn has a rustic feel that I like.

I found this pink hat while organizing my stash. I made it on a loom about two years ago. Banana liked it, so she gets to keep it. It's made out of some really soft acrylic stuff.

I crocheted this hat about 3.5 years ago. It was one of the first hats I ever crocheted. Banana likes this one too, so she's going to keep it.

Look! Unazukin! Aren't they cute? When you ask them a question, they nod or shake their heads. Kind of like a Japanese magic eight ball, only cuter.

This is the last yarn I bought. No more new stuff until 2009. I usually don't buy 100% wool, but I fell in love with this colorway. I have about 600 yards, so I'm thinking I'll make a cropped sweater or something.

I purchased Knit Picks Memories in the Geranium colorway. I'm going to make socks! At least, I'm going to try to make socks. We'll see what happens.

I bought Universal Yarn Co.'s Pace in blue and dark gray to make socks for WT. He likes the colors, as they are nice and manly and they match his work clothes. And at $3.50 a ball, who can resist?

I was going to post pictures of the Memories and Pace, but Blogger is being an asshole and I don't have the patience to try to format anymore tonight. Maybe next time.

So there you have it. FOs, stash, organization, and unazukin. Yay!

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At 4:35 AM, Anonymous anne marie said...


the scarf turned out pretty.

and the banana is too cute for words in her "hand made by mommy" hats!

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Liz K. said...

Hey -- I have some Encore that I'd like to add to your donation bag. When are you planning on dropping it off?

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

way cool hats, and one cute kiddo. that scarf is spiffy too!


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