Friday, October 26, 2007

Eight Random Things

D'oh! Just noticed that Sharon tagged me for this meme! So here goes...
  1. Before I had my daughter, I could only fall asleep lying on my back. During my pregnancy, however, I had high blood pressure, so I had to lie on my left side all the time, especially at the end. So now I can't fall asleep unless I'm on my left side. (I never promised this would be exciting.)
  2. I went roller skating at the Echelon Roller Rink in Voorhees, NJ, (RIP, *sniff*) every Saturday morning from the time I was 7 until I was about 12 or 13. I intend to take it up again when I get roller skates.
  3. I went to grad school for French because a. my French sucked when I graduated with my BA and b. I was afraid to get a 'real' job.
  4. I spent two summers (1992 and 1993) in Ocean City, NJ. Our apartment was a third-floor walk-up, one block from the boardwalk.
  5. I have 4 tattoos and intend to get more. If it weren't for my need to get a 'respectable' job, I'd probably get at least one half-sleeve done.
  6. I'd also like to dye my hair blue or purple, but again, the whole job issue...
  7. I just discovered Scottish Highland Dancing and hope to take lessons within the next year.
  8. Growing up, I also assumed I would get married, but I was never one of those girls that planned her dream wedding from the time she was 5 years old. Everybody at my wedding ate chicken because I didn't feel like counting and submitting different meal requests.
So there you go. :o)


Dude, I am totally going to see Doris Chan tomorrow at Loop in Philadelphia!! Squee!! And then I'm going to go speak French in the afternoon!! Squee!! This is seriously going to test the old yarn diet though. Apparently, they just got in a big old shipment of Koigu, both Kersti and KPPPM. Must. Resist. The. Yarn.

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