Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Next Big Thing?

You really have to love Ravelry. I mean seriously. Everyone should join, even if you're not a joiner (coughhackAnneMariecoughhack). I saw a pattern for this groovy little capecho (Now who pronounces this kuh-PAY-cho? Like I did the first time I saw it because it was like Spanish or something? But no, apparently it's cape-cho, because it's a cross between a cape and a poncho. Who knew? But I digress.) on Ravelry called Sherblet. I was delighted to find out that it was a free pattern! So of course I queued it and began to look at the other patterns offered by the same person. Turns out this person is actually people, named Robin Dodge and Rachel Clarke, and they've started a website called MetaPostModernKnitting. They just published their first issue, and they have six patterns, all for free! They will publish two 'official' issues per year, but will also published things in dribs and drabs between issues. They also take submissions.

I love it! Go check it out!

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At 10:13 AM, Blogger Liz K. said...

Cool find, Sal.

And, uh, yeah. Word up, Anne Marie and join Ravelry already.


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