Thursday, November 15, 2007

Norah Gaughan, Volume 1

I like to knit and crochet and paint and cook, but I generally don't think of myself as creative in the sense of having a unique vision. I'm good at copying what other people do. That being said, I really admire designers who are able to bring together many elements that please me. Right now, one of those designers is Norah Gaughan. Have you seen the designs in her latest volume from Berroco? They are gorgeous. Below are two of my favorite ensembles. (I'm sick [AGAIN], so I'll probably be blogging a lot today. Instead of writing papers for class. Or sleeping. Or knitting.)

I was never a huge fan of knitted skirts, but the one above is just sensational. Just the right length, the pattern is not too busy, not too poufy, and Lord knows it has to be comfy as well as stylish. And I'm all about the comfort factor. I also love it together with the long sweater and scarf, although I'd probably leave out the pom poms. I'm not really a pom pom kind of gal.

Here's a different take on a comparable theme. The colors are lovely, and I am really digging the knitted belt used to cinch the vest high at the waist. These designs also make me want to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on fabulous boots. Cuz, y'know, I have hundreds of dollars just lying around to spend on thigh-high suede boots.

Jebus. So many gorgeous patterns, so little time and money...

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