Thursday, February 08, 2007


Oh. My. God. Have you people received your latest issue of Interweave Knits yet? It's just so darn... scrumptious. Why, oh why did I choose now to go on a yarn diet? I need to make Cathy Payson's Green Tea Raglan on page 56. And I need to make Veronik Avery's Dollar and a Half Cardigan on page 58. And I just can't do without Kate Gilbert's Keyhole Top on page 96. And what about Wenlan Chia's Tea Rose Halter Top on page 80??? So little yarn! So little money! So little time! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

And I need to learn to knit socks! I informed WT of this last night:

Me: I want to learn to knit socks.
WT: Why?
Me: Because it's fun and cheaper than knitting other stuff.
WT: Oh yeah? Like how much?
Me: You can get a ball of sock yarn for, like, $14.
WT: ...
Me: What?
WT: You can buy three pairs of socks for $10.
Me: What's your point?
WT: How is it cheaper to make socks than buy them?
Me: It's not. But it's cheaper to knit socks that it is to, say, knit a sweater.
WT: Oh. I get it now.
Me: Good.
WT: Why do you want to knit socks again?
Me: Nevermind.

So we'll see what happens.

By the way, what is the deal with the luxury fiber du jour? This season's luxury fiber is camel. Come on. Do we really need a sweater made from camel? Or musk oxen? Or buffalo? I don't know, I guess some people do. I like cotton. Not to mention, how do you harvest the camel fiber? I sure as hell don't feel like being spit on by some Mongolian camel, or any camel for that matter. I've ridden on a camel; that was pretty fun. In the Sahara Desert no less. It was a nice camel. But the people that were running the camel rides made us tourists dress up in silly outfits, like sheiks. The outfits don't look silly on sheiks, but they look silly on American 20-somethings on holiday in Tunisia. And Mongolia is cold; I think the camels need their own damn fiber. I think right now, there are a lot of really cold musk oxen in Alaska and camels in Mongolia running around so we can knit a gaiter (who the hell can afford to make a sweater?) or some silly object out of their fur. But that's just me. Gimme some hemp.

Did you see that Grumperina has been knitting for two years? TWO GODDAMN YEARS. What the hell? She's all makin' Egyptian-inspired dresses and Odessa-inspired hats and Jaywalkin' socks. Jeez. I better get on the ball.

But first I'm going to go to yoga class. Thanks for stopping by!!


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Liz K. said...

The way you will convince WT is to make him a pair of handknitted socks. He will instantly get the appeal once he has a pair on his feet, and will realize he has been gypped for years with those 3 for $10 commercially made sucks, I mean socks.


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