Friday, January 18, 2008

Not a whole heck of a lot going on.

Ah, today is Friday, and this weekend is a long one. That's good.

My knitting and crocheting friends are coming over tonight for an impromptu crafty get-together (okay, maybe not too impromptu; I sent out the invite on Monday).

I'm going to see my chiropractor for the second time today; she also happens to be one of my knitting friends. Getting your back cracked and adjusted is so satisfying.

I'm almost finished L'Echarpe sans Fin, otherwise known as the Chevron Scarf from LMKG. I seriously could probably finish it tonight, but then I have to block it. Aggressively. I really like the way it's coming out, and I might buy another skein of Koigu to make the Purl Bee Beret to go with it. I've never knitted on DPNs before, and frankly, I am somewhat fearful. It looks complicated.

Banana and I got our hair cut. How come my kid gets the hair I've wanted my whole life, and I get frog fur? She's got the lovely, straight, sunkissed blond hair that looks good even when she's just woken up. I've got... Velcro.

We got my favorite kind of snow here yesterday. It snowed for several hours yesterday and looked very pretty, and now it's all gone. Yes.

I need to exercise.

Once I've finished the Chevron Scarf, I think I'll bust out the LMKG legwarmers, which I started about this time last year. I need to finish them. Then I'll finish the Puzzle Scarf. Then I'll finish the Green Gable. Then I'll make another Tiramisu blanket, this one in blue. I also need to make two baby sweaters before March. I'm thinking I'll go with Julie Armstrong's Baby It's Cold Outside, because it's cute and crocheted and warm and quick.

So there you have it. Have a lovely three day weekend. Pictures next time.



At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Sahfi said...

FYI...chiropractors die a little inside every time someone calls it "cracking". Ugh. Let's start a new term for it. Finessing? Ushering? Creating spinal happiness and oneness with God?


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