Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fare thee well, 2007

Wow. I can't believe another year is gone. I just got used to writing '2007' on my checks when I pay the bills.

I can't complain about this year. I went back to school (again). Banana started kindergarten. We all went to Sante Fe. We had a good summer. My dad sailed across the South Pacific safely and lived to tell his tale. My brother graduated from college and got a good job that very day. I still have a good job. We got two cats, both of whom are still alive. We have our house. We have our jobs. We have our health. We have each other. I've got family, friends, love, and art.

What more could a girl ask for? Happy New Year to all of you, my friends.



At 3:40 PM, Anonymous anne marie said...

how about the following:

more time to knit/crochet?

more money to buy more yarn?

more days "downdashore"?

thought you left out a few items...


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