Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To the Frog Pond!

Today has not been a good day for Sally's yarn. I am attempting two projects: a 3x3 ribbed scarf (knitted) and a crocheted dress for Banana.

I have currently frogged the scarf three times. The first time, I made too many damn mistakes to correct. The yarn is lovely but very splitty. I discovered the key to my success in knitting - I need to pay careful attention. I have friends that can knit while cooking dinner and changing a diaper; I am not one of those people, especially with this yarn. I need to watch every damn stitch, which is what I did the second time around, and it was really looking good, but I soon discovered that knitted ribs really shrink up, so even though I wanted a skinny scarf, I didn't want a scarf that was about two inches wide. So a-frogging I went again. I tried to cast on and knit again, but that was at Stitch n Bitch tonight, which was far too distracting ('cause there's like food and people there), so many mistakes were creeping into the scarf. Frog 3.

I'm making a dress for Banana from a pattern that one can download for free from the NY Yarns website. It is darling. I was crocheting the bodice in the round per the directions, and somehow managed to lose about 4 stitches over 15 rows, so needless to say, it was looking like a dress to be worn by a 3 year old with a bosom. Thankfully, my Banana does not yet have bosoms. There was also a weird bump around the top, as if I had just randomly added about 8 stitches in one spot. Needless to say, this was also ripped out.

I give up for today. Tomorrow is another day. I will have plenty of time to try again as I wait for the plumber, take the cat to the vet, and wait for the trash removal man to show up and remove trash from my basement and garage. I love to purge. Maybe that's why I don't mind frogging until I get it right. Who knows.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post shortly. Maybe I'll bang out a couple of washcloths just for the heck of it. We'll see.



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