Thursday, August 03, 2006

What a productive day!

Ah yes, today my dear dad came over my house, and we tore up my grody-ass living room carpet. I'm so happy. It was wall-to-wall carpeting, a yucky rose color. It was probably pretty when it was first installed, but I think it was first installed approximately 25 years ago, so after many a baby vomit and cat hairball landing on it, it was not looking so pretty. So Dad and I TORE IT UP, and lo and behold, beneath the nastiness was lovely hardwood oak flooring in excellent condition. As if this was not enough to make my day, we got to go to IKEA and I bought a lovely area rug. Yay!! I love IKEA. Like a lot. And my living room is about as clean as it will ever be. Except for the slipcover. But that's another story.

Pictures from last night's Sip 'n' Knit at Liz's house will be posted tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for tuning in.


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