Friday, August 04, 2006

Another bag!!

Can you tell I'm addicted to Sugar 'n' Cream? I'm lovin' the stuff right now. It's nice and cool to work with, and there are so many projects you can make that are quick and easy but also useful. Like this bag. I like the colorway of the first one better, but this one is more even and less wonky looking. I kind of liked using a solid color for the mesh and a variegated for the bottom and handle. I have grand plans to make several little handbags and maybe even some tote bags with this stuff. And of course some dish cloths.

You may be thinking, does this chick have nothing better to do with her time than blog? Right now, pretty much. I have a job where I have summers off, which ROCKS. But alas, I'll be heading back to work on August 21st, and will begin taking classes shortly thereafter. I intend to keep on blogging (I know, I know, a heard a big sigh of relief from all 3 of you who read this regularly), but it probably won't be as often. But I'm going keep hookin' and knittin', and the fruits of my labor will appear in regular fashion on this here website. So keep checking back. Please.


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