Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's been a while

Howdy. This week has gone by so quickly. I had off this week. The first few days were fun. I got to see friends, see my dad, see art, go downtown, all that good stuff. On Tuesday, the Banana commented that she had a stomachache. At about 9:30 that night, she barfed on the sofa, and so there went the rest of my spring break. Oh well. At least she is feeling better, that is by far the most important thing. And I'm also immensely grateful that we have a new washer and dryer - they were most certainly put to the test on Tuesday night, and I'm happy to say that they both passed with flying colors.

My knitting group's 3rd anniversary party was on Wednesday night, and a good time was had by all. We had brownies and cookies, door prizes, and a yarn and magazine swap. We laughed and had fun and helped each other with projects and relaxed. I do so enjoy those times together with that group of women.

Work continues on several projects. I was almost done the back of WT's vest, when I decided to hold it up to him, and lo and behold, I was knitting him a mini-dress. WT is not a mini-dress kind of guy, so I ripped way back to below the armholes and we shall try again.

I also picked up my Lacy Ribbed Bolero that I started last August. Liz finished hers in a flash, and so I decided to get going on mine for the 3rd time. It actually looks pretty good this time. I hope to finish it in the next week or so, I really have the lace pattern down.

I finished one Baby It's Cold Outside baby sweater for a friend, and need to finish the other one pronto, as Baby Miles has been born and is residing in NJ, sweaterless, as we speak. Gotta warm up that poor child, for crying out loud.

Dad made me yet another drop spindle, this one a top whorl. It's really cool. When I get it, I'll take pictures and post them. So in less than a month, Dad has made me two spindles and a niddy-noddy. And my neighbor Regina gave me a bag full of wool which I can wash and card myself! Laura Ingalls, watch out!

I am so frickin' tired I could put my head down on the keyboard and go to sleep right now. I also have a headache. I'm super fun, aren't it? I'm going to bed. Pictures later. Love youse guys.



At 12:29 AM, Anonymous anne marie said...

***WT is not a mini-dress kind of guy*** - LOL LOL LOL. ya got THAT right, sister!

has your dad considered making you a swift and ball winder yet? then you can complete your knitting tools!

wednesday night WAS fun; glad you had a good time!


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