Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another something new!

Thanks to Carol, I see that we have a new online knitting magazine. Knotions is the work of SavannahChik, who has been knitting and blogging for quite some time now. The first issue will be coming out this fall, but in the mean time, go on over and take her survey. I already like the layout, and it seems that it will be a pretty comprehensive type of publication. Let's support SavannahChik in her endeavor!

In other news: spinning is going. I obviously need to practice. A lot. Right now, I am creating the world's thickest and thinnest yarn. Ever. But I am going to persevere, and dye it with Kool-Aid, and knit up the world's thickest and thinnest scarf when I am done spinning. The cats are not helping me spin - they like to eat the roving. Considering I already spent eight hundred gajillion dollars on Joey because he likes to eat non-food items, I will be keeping the roving well hidden. Pictures (of the yarn, not Joey) to follow shortly.

I am still working on the Peter Vest for WT, two BICOs (which I really need to finish, because their recipients should be entering the world at any moment now), and sundry other projects that have been in hibernation forever. I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday cleaning, so it is my fervent hope that I'll actually be able to knit and/or crochet today. We'll see. Banana will be attending her 9th birthday party since September today. This crap is expensive.

Later, gators!

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