Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Absinthe makes a comeback

You know, I've never tried absinthe, mostly because it's never been available to me. I feel a special kinship with this liquor, though. My master's thesis was about American expatriates in Paris during the 1920s (les annees folles), and absinthe is often mentioned in their writings. This article in the New York Times details the resurgence in popularity of this lovely drink. And I'm trying to think of where I saw it, but I recently found somewhere an absinthe dispenser (for lack of a prettier term). It was a lovely work of metal and glass, four spouts, and a clear bottle to hold the absinthe.
I want to try this stuff! Surely some of the fancy-schmancy restaurants downtown will be carrying it shortly. Who's in?



At 4:51 PM, Anonymous anne marie said...


toulouse-lautrec's favorite beverage, along with cognac.

you try it first and tell us what it tastes like...

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Biglug said...

My friend brought me a bottle of this from Prague. I haven't cracked it open yet...


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