Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well, I WAS going to post some pictures...

But my !#$%^&* computer won't let me upload any pictures from my camera. Son of $%*. I will now go into excruciating detail, so as to paint a picture in your mind's eye.

Project: scrapghan #4
Design: BAGS (big ass granny square)
Yarn: ACRYLIC ACRYLIC ACRYLIC (variegated, mind you)

Details: I used 4 different variegated yarns for this afghan. I made it for my friend Jeb; when I asked her what her favorite color is, she said all of them, so that's what she's getting. It's actually one of my favorite scrapghans to date. There is a blue/purple/pink yarn, a brown/red/green/orange/think autumn colors yarn, a pale blue/tan/off-white/sage green yarn, and finally, a brown/tan/turquoise yarn. I know it sounds horrendous, but I promise it is not so bad, and if my stupid computer and stupid camera decide they want to talk to each other, I will post some photos.

I am terribly excited about the upcoming weekend. Some girls/ladies/women/however you'd like to be addressed people from the MontCo Sit n Knit got a house on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ for the weekend. Ocean City is my favorite place after Paris - I'm not even kidding. I spent two summers there as a young twenty-something, and it is just heaven. So we are going to knit and crochet and eat and laugh this weekend. It will be a good time. And I am going to walk to boardwalk and the beach and relax and enjoy the ocean and not think about the ignorant teenagers that I have to contend with on a daily basis (I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?).

Since I just finished the scrapghan, I think I'll take the Zen Garden Stole and the Green Tea Raglan down with me to work on. I may also take the legwarmers, as that is a fairly mindless knit once you get going. I hope to bring back one more finished object!

Guess that's all for now. I was watching a show on Discovery Health last night called I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day. I'm not even kidding. The one dude they showcased consumes, on average, 4 lbs of FAT per day. Not just food - FAT. I can hear my arteries collapsing simply from reading those words. I feel bad for these people though - they are truly addicted to food, and unlike other addictions, you can't simply remove the focus of their addiction from their life. If you're an alcoholic, you stop drinking; if you're addicted to cocaine, you take it out of your life (obviously, it's not that easy, but you see where I'm going with this). You just can't do that with food. And these poor people are even too large to get gastric bypass or anything. Makes me feel lucky. I like to think I am relatively healthy, but I was also blessed with good genes too (thank you Mom and Dad!). Okay, so that's my depressing blurb for the day.

Here's some nice pictures to enjoy (they were already in the computer). Thanks for stopping by!!

The following photos were taken by yours truly last summer at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, PA. Can you tell I'm ready for warm weather!?!?

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At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the purple coneflower with the honeybee on it. just for the color contrasts alone.

stupid computers and stupid cameras and stupid technology!

anne marie


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